Shugo Chara! Character introduction of present Guardians (Doki)

Mashiro Rima (Queen’s chair)

Rima seems cold and hostile but she is actually very lonely and sad. She considers herself as Amu’s best friend and gets jealous when Nadeshiko is mentioned. She loves gags and funny things but is embarrassed to admit it.

Her character song is Itsuka wa Romance (future romance) and describes indirectly about a boy named Fuyuki who liked her.

Her relationship is Rimahiko. (Rima+ Nagihiko)

Shugo Chara:


Kusukusu is born from Rima’s desire to make others laugh. She likes to watch gags and comedies with Rima, and tries to make Rima smile when she is in distress.

Character Change & Transform

As I couldn’t write something this good, I used Shugo chara wiki’s description. gomene, Marie22321!

Special Powers

Character Change

Rima under Character Change

When Rima undergoes a Character Change, she will receive green facepaint under each eye, the left is the shape of a star, the right in the shape of a teardrop and does the Bala-Balance. By then, she will act like a clown and make funny performances.

Her Character Change can be easily triggered when someone makes an imperfect comedic move, and she aggressively confronts them, telling them how to make it what it requires to be perfect and funny.

Character Transformation

Clown Drop

Clown Drop
Clown Drop

During Character Transformation, Rima merges with Kusukusu and becomes “Clown Drop”. This represents her desire to be as funny as a clown. Rima has been able to Character Transform into “Clown Drop” since before she appeared in Shugo Chara!. She first reveals her Character Transformation in Episode 28 of the anime andChapter 16 of the manga.

  • Appearance:
    Rima’s outfit becomes similar to that of a rodeo clown’s. Her ribbon becomes a large red bow.
Queen’s Waltz


Rima’s surname means true castle.

iPod Rima Gallery


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